Workshops Oct 23, 2021

Check out the wide variety of classes taught by talented instructors. Registrants will receive notification by email for links and passwords to workshop sessions.  Workshop materials will be posted on line for download prior to the festival.  Participants will be notified when they are available.  Classes will run 50-60 minutes

 {Eastern Standard Time}   


11:15 AM



Chord Melody and Jazz Improvisation 

10:00 AM EST


Students will be introduced to fretboard harmony basics, arranging tips, receive a complimentary chord melody arrangement, and learn some scales & arpeggios for improvisation (and a few choice licks)

Intermediate to Advanced

Instructor  - Bob Sneider

Women of the Blues: 12-Bar Blues

11:15 AM  EST


12-bar blues is easy to learn, but you can spend a lifetime mastering it. This enduring form evolved from earlier Vaudeville blues and from "field holler" call and response. Many of the great blueswomen of the 20th century, including Memphis Minnie, Big Mama Thornton, and Tracy Chapman, have vastly different sounds and styles of playing but still built songs based on this simple form. Looking at songs written or popularized by these women, we'll cover the essential 12-bar blues form and variations, followed by some embellishments to make your blues songs sound even cooler on the ukulele.

All levels

Instructor - Amy Kucharik

12:45 PM

Open Mic

12:30 PM EST

Show off your chops at the community open mic Zoom session or just come and enjoy the music.  Polish up your performance and have your 5 minutes (or less) in the spotlight.  Sign (up before 4PM on Friday) by emailing and tell us a little about yourself  if you like.  If you are using a desktop or laptop computer be sure to enable original sound in your Zoom settings (see our tech support tab for how to do that.)  The link and password will be sent to all registered participants. 

Hosted by Steve Jacobs

2:00 PM

Live Looping with your Uke

11:15 AM EST


Learn the ins and outs of how to create an interesting live performance using a looper pedal! Learning to create loops can be a effective and fun way to practice just about anything on your instrument. This workshop will explore various playing techniques, music theory, composition, improvisation along with the technical know-how of using a looper device that is needed to create a multi-layered performance. 

All levels

Instructor - Sungmin Shin

Classroom 1

Classroom 2

Riffs and Melodies

10:00 AM EST

Fingerpicking on your ukulele allows you to pluck out recognizable instrumental melodies as well as riffs that enhance songs you strum and sing. In this workshop, we'll cover tablature and a little bit of technique to get you reading and plucking, then we'll learn a couple of simple and famous melodies including "Aloha Oe" before moving on to playing riffs for songs such as 
"In My Life," "Sunshine of Your Love," and "I Shot the Sheriff." Familiarity with tablature will be helpful but is not required.


Intermediate or brave beginners

Instructor - Amy Kucharik

Skillbuilding Class

2:00 PM EST

For those who know a handful of chords and a basic up/down strum, here’s a chance to take your skills to a new level. A half dozen or so well-known songs will be played while learning more chords, new fingerings, new strums, transposing on the fly and performance tips and techniques along the way.

Advanced Beginner 

Instructor - Jim Beloff

      Flower City Back Porch 

We'll keep this self-moderated room open all afternoon as a place to meet up with fellow festival registrants. 

Drop in to say howdy and get to know folks from all over.  

3:15 PM

Jazzing Up The Ukulele

3:15 PM EST

 How to use chord substitutions to “jazz up” a simple 4 or 5 chord song. Based on the 2015 Flea Market Music book. We'll also play through several  Lyle Ritz classic jazz arrangements.



Instructor:  Jim Beloff