Workshops Oct 24, 2020

Check out our wide variety of classes taught by talented instructors. Registrants will receive notification by email for links and passwords to workshop sessions.  Workshop materials will be posted on line for download prior to the festival.  Participants will be notified when they are available.  Classes will run 30 - 45 minutes

 {Eastern Standard Time}   

9:15 AM

The Inner Game of Strumming


This workshop will focus on improving your ukulele strumming technique, tone & rhythmic sensibility and groove.  Through a series of playful and meditative music games, award-winning teaching artist Stu Fuchs will offer a clear path of how to improve the ergonomics of your ukulele strumming, develop an effortless technique, and cultivate a meditative focus to create a deeper and more satisfying music practice.  You’ll play easy to follow songs, learn and apply the rhythms of of blues shuffle, rock 'n' roll backbeat, calypso, reggae...and a few surprises too!  Stu’s YouTube channel Ukulele Zen has helped 1000’s of players around the world to develop a better music practice and reach their goals with more joy & less strain. 

All Levels

Instructor  - Stu Fuchs

10:00 AM

How to Sing & Play…At the Same Time!

Coordinating our voice & playing can be a very challenging hurdle to cross.  Many of us choose to not sing so we can focus on our playing, or vice versa.  In this workshop, Stu will share time tested methods for learning to sing & play our ukes in one smooth action.  

You’ll be guided through a series of potent vocal warm ups to open and refine your voice, followed by a playful and deep exploration of strumming and singing.  Finally, we’ll apply this method to some easy to play songs.

Please do not worry if you feel that you can’t sing - this workshop isn’t about being a great singer.  If you can talk, you can sing!  By the end of this session, you’ll come away with a clear & kind path forward to systematically improve your rhythm & singing.

All Levels

Instructor Stu Fuchs

11:00 AM


Songwriting: Uke Can Do It!


The workshop will focus on song structure, lyric writing, and how the ukulele can be a fantastic songwriting tool! 

All Levels

Instructor:  Marina Sneider

11:45 AM

Lunch Break

12:30 PM

Open Mic

Show off your chops at the community open mic Zoom session or just come and enjoy the music.  Polish up your performance and have your 5 minutes (or less) in the spotlight.  Sign (up before 4PM on Friday) by emailing and tell us a little about yourself  if you like.  If you are using a desktop or laptop computer be sure to enable original sound in your Zoom settings (see our tech support tab for how to do that.)  The link and password will be sent to all registered participants. 

Hosted by Steve Jacobs

Learning the Fretboard

2:00 PM

Getting to know all of the notes on the fretboard can seem like a daunting task. Unlocking the fretboard is the critical step in becoming a more advanced player. This workshop will explore how to learn all of the notes on the fretboard using a very basic and practical approach that will lead to a seamless transition to improvising, arranging, and composing music for the ukulele that is not restricted to strumming basic position chords. In the wise words of one of my favorite teachers, "you paid for all those notes, might as well play them all!"

All Levels


Instructor:  Sung Shin

Learn your Chords Inside Out


Think you know your chords? Learn how to play chords in different forms up and down the neck of the ukulele, so that you can add variety to your song strumming and solos. 

3:00 PM



Instructor:  Randy Pollok

4:00 PM

Yes you CAN Play Harmonics on the Ukulele!

This is an introduction to the method of creating and using harmonics (chimes/bell tones) on the ukulele. Natural and artificial harmonics can add wonderful new colors to your tonal palette that will enhance your playing and increase your enjoyment of this amazing instrument.  We will explore one and two-handed techniques and finger placement to create the unique sound of harmonics available to all string players.

Time to join the violinists, violists, cellists, bassists, harpists, and guitarists by adding this to your repertoire of techniques.


Yes, you CAN play harmonics on the ukulele!

Intermediate to advanced

Instructor: Tom Toyama